The Wonder of Wildflowers

At Greenbelt we love wildflowers. Sadly, a staggering decline in agricultural meadows has seen their vital habitats lost across much of the UK.

That’s why so many of our landscaped new home developments incorporate meadows and grass areas, where many different species of flower and grass are free to grow.

These oases not only look beautiful and invigorate the senses, especially now in summer, but also offer a welcome home to myriad insects, including bees, beetles and butterflies.

In turn, these havens support birds and many small animals, such as hedgehogs.

Did you know a small meadow can be home to up to 40 species for every square metre?

Attracting and sustaining beneficial wildlife – including those all-important pollinators – is essential for local biodiversity and planet-wide sustainability of species.

Over the next few days and weeks we’ll be sharing top tips about how to nurture your own wildflower garden.

We’ll also be publishing a handy Greenbelt Guide To Wildflowers, which will help you identify plants and grow your own knowledge.

Watch this space and enjoy the Wonder of Wildflowers!