How to enjoy plastic-free holidays

The way plastic can harm the planet – especially our oceans – is very much in the news right now.

But as we approach the holiday season, even more single-use plastic will be used then simply discarded.

At Greenbelt we care passionately about the environment: that’s why we have four top tips for enjoying a plastic-free vacation.

Pack the right stuff

Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush! But make sure it’s a bamboo one. And did you know you can buy fully biodegradable dental floss? That’s certainly something worth smiling about!

Water way to go

Rather than buying lots of bottles of water for those hot days on the beach, invest in a quality reusable bottle before you travel. If you think the tap water at your destination could be of a dubious quality, buy a filtering or purifying bottle. And, of course, never use plastic straws!

Check the ingredients

Thankfully the UK has banned microbeads, those pesky little plastic balls used in beauty and cleaning products. But if you’re buying abroad, always check the label to avoid ultimately sharing almost invisible plastic with ocean wildlife.

Use the right tools

Using your own reusable camping cutlery and plates for daytrips and picnics means less plastic waste. If the only option when dining out is plastic knives and forks, you can even use the cutlery at cafes and restaurants.

Happy holidays from Greenbelt!