5 Ways to Connect with Greenbelt: #5

  1. Attend a Community Liaison Meeting!

At Greenbelt, we know that settling into a new home may be a complicated or stressful experience at times.

That’s why our Community Liaison team works hard to ensure that joining the ever-growing Greenbelt family is as smooth a transition as possible.

Based in our Leeds premises, our Community Liaison team serves all of our new developments in England and Wales. Whenever a new housing development is passed to us for future management, Community Liaison sets up a meeting there.

These meetings let residents pose any questions to our staff in-person – they’re a great way to learn more about Greenbelt at a preliminary stage.

Depending on the specific development, the meeting might be a talk or presentation – or residents might prefer to physically walk around the area with staff and discuss individual features up-close.

Either way, Community Liaison meetings represent a great opportunity to connect with Greenbelt in a guided, hands-on context!

Did you know: our Community Liaison team also works closely with residents' associations and community groups. You can read more here.