5 Ways to Connect with Greenbelt: #3

  1. Join or form a Residents’ Association!

At Greenbelt, every customer is important to us individually.

However, many homeowners prefer to liaise with us as part of a residents’ association instead.

Residents’ associations are local groups formed to represent the interests of the community.

From liaising with Greenbelt to driving local events, residents’ associations are a great way to meet with your neighbours and get involved in the community.

Greenbelt recognises the important social benefits these groups can offer; we work closely with residents’ associations to focus on the issues local residents are passionate about.

For example, Greenbelt sponsors the Drumsagard Village Residents’ Association’s annual Christmas drive, which provides a free meal and present to senior citizens. Greenbelt provides a hamper towards this cause each year.

If you’re interested in joining a residents’ association, a good first step is to search online to see if one exists already in your area. They can vary in size and scope, based on your community, but should be straightforward to join.

If you find there is no residents’ association in your area, Greenbelt hosts a helpful guide for setting up your own. You can read it on our website here, or read more about how Greenbelt champions residents’ associations here.