March Gardening Is 'Shear Delight'

We’ve almost thrown off the so-called “Beast from the East” cold weather.

But as we march into March, whatever the weather, we should keep in mind this is the growing season.

So let’s look at the top jobs for green-fingered gardeners.

Snip, snip!

Spring is on the horizon and the sap is about to begin rising. This means you need to get your pruning shears out as soon as possible for plants such as wisteria and buddleia – your evergreens can wait a few weeks longer.

Let it sow!

As soon as the cold snap is over and the weather warms, seize the moment. Start sowing broad beans and sweet peas. And if it really does warm up sowings of mustard, rocket and eat-as-you-cut salad are perfect choices.

Veg out!

Vegetable seed beds can be prepared by removing weeds and adding in plenty of compost. Cover the forked soil with sheets of biodegradable black plastic – these will keep the beds warm and dry for planting.

And a top tip! Always give your watering cans a scrub to prevent the spread of fungal diseases.