Love Birds? Do Not Do This!

Just like most of our customers all across the UK, we love to help our feathered friends through the worst of the winter weather.

That’s why encourage responsible feeding.

But did you know there are certain things we should avoid doing?

Here are three top tips from our friends at the RSPB to help keep birds safe and well in the garden.

Wrong recycling

It’s eco-friendly to use leftover food to feed birds but certain human meals just don’t suit them. Foods that are potentially dangerous for birds include anything cooked with meat juices that produce a greasy mixture. This is full of salt and can stick to feathers and hamper waterproofing. Also avoid foods such as porridge or milk – these can swell and damage insides.

Say no to netting!

We’ve all seen the fat and seed balls that are sold in nylon netting. While this food is a great source of energy for birds, the netting can trap birds’ feet and injure them. The RSPB advice, if you buy fat balls, is to take them out of the netting altogether and put them in a safe feeder or simply place them on the bird table.

A little at a time

Our RSPB experts point out that, if food is lying untouched, you may be putting out too much. The problem is that food can go stale or mouldy – some moulds can cause respiratory infections in birds, or be home to nasty parasites and bacteria. Put food out only when their last small portion is gone and always keep bird tables, baths and feeders clean.