Get the most out of January


We may still be in the middle of winter but already the days are getting longer and lighter . . . and, of course, our gardens are beginning to grow again.

This makes January the perfect time of the year to plan ahead, as well as get stuck into the top five gardening jobs.

  1. The number one priority should be to provide food for birds. Also leave small areas of the garden uncut to provide shelter for visiting wildlife.
  1. Check your winter protection – supports and ties may have been damaged in the recent bad weather.
  1. Dig over any vacant plots and turn the compost – you’re going to need it soon.
  1. If you love the idea of hot rhubarb crumble you can force rhubarb into growth two months early by covering the crowns.
  2. Plan your vegetable crop rotations for the coming season and order your seeds.

And don’t forget to just get out there and enjoy the winter wonderland of your beautiful green spaces!