Your Written Statement of Services

This article is intended for our customers in Scotland, which has a different legal system to the rest of the UK. For a version more relevant to our customers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, please click here.

At Greenbelt we believe it’s important our customers can be confident they are fully informed about the services we provide.

The best way to achieve this is through our Written Statement of Services (WSOS).

Tailored especially for each new homes development, these bespoke documents detail the services we provide, from rolling seasonal maintenance programmes to one-off health and safety works.

Our WSOS also feature important information for our customers, such as how to make a payment or contact our dedicated Customer Care team.

In accordance with the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011, we already provide all of our customers in Scotland with a copy of their relevant WSOS, issued with a previous bill.

This month marks the fifth anniversary of our WSOS in Scotland but for the first time Greenbelt will also be rolling out WSOS to customers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Janet McQuillan, Greenbelt’s Operations Director, says: “Our Written Statement of Services is one of the best ways to keep customers informed about how we manage our green spaces for them.

“Greenbelt’s rollout of WSOS across more than 550 developments UK-wide is not only innovative, it’s an industry first!”

If you would like to view your WSOS, copies are available on request or can be viewed online by logging into our website.

If there are any material changes to the content of your WSOS – such as the provision of new services or a change in the way we provide existing services – Greenbelt will issue you with an updated copy of the new WSOS with your next bill.

For customers who register for our online services, we will also issue email notifications of any changes.

If you are interested in registering for our online services, please remember you’ll be helping us work towards a sustainable future by opting into our paperless billing scheme – you’ll also qualify for a discount on your Annual Management Charge!

Find out more about how Greenbelt is leading the way in sustainable land management by visiting The Green Room.