Top 10 Autumn Gardening Tips

Did you know the meteorological autumn began on September 1 and ends on November 30? The astronomical autumn, however, begins tomorrow and ends on December 21.

Whichever one you choose to go by, it’s time to think about getting stuck into the greenery – with our top ten tips for autumn gardening!


  1. Flower beds and other frost-sensitive plants can be covered in bubble wrap (yes, really!) to protect them from freezing over in winter, if you don’t have any brushwood.
  2. Increase your chances of successful rose bushes by planting now before the first ground frost creeps up on them.
  3. We might moan about the constant autumnal showers, but this means soil is moist and perfect for transplanting work.
  4. To make sure your garden is bursting with colour in Spring, plant bulbs now at a depth of two to three times their height.
  5. Treat your lawn with autumn fertiliser to help strengthen the grass from the inevitable winter snowfall. Don’t use a traditional summer fertiliser as this can encourage grass to grow, making it more susceptible to frost.
  6. Remove dead and yellowing leaves to prevent your plants from decaying as the temperature drops.
  7. Fill bird feeders with nuts and seeds and plant berry bushes such as holly to give wildlife that extra helping hand throughout winter.
  8. If you have a pond, make sure you cover it with a net to prevent leaves polluting the water. Keep your fish happy and swimming by preventing the water from freezing over.
  9. Tidy up your garden by clipping back all the growth from summer, and you can even plant some of the off-cuts in pots.
  10. Dig up annual plants and pop them in your compost heap so you have space to put down pansies and wallflowers that will be blooming in the spring.

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