10 things you need to know about summer gardening

Prune your Wisteria down to five or six leaves to avoid that pesky overgrowth and allow new flower buds to form.

Get next year’s summer puddings sorted by planting out rooted runners of strawberries this month.

It might not be the Mediterranean summer we dream of every year, but make sure you keep everything well-watered on those rare days where the thermometer creeps past 16 degrees.

To prevent your runner beans from becoming stringy, make sure to pick them regularly.

As Game of Thrones fan know, winter is coming – pick your herbs to allow for fresh growth before the frost gets them.

Harvest sweetcorn now – if you pop a corn and the juices are milky, it’s ready to eat.

If you have citrus trees, remember to feed them with a special citrus fertiliser to ensure growth throughout the remainder of summer (and to keep those G&Ts topped up with plenty of lemon slices).

Dead-head your flowering plants to reduce self-seeding, whilst keeping them in bloom towards autumn.

Pinch out the tops of your vegetable plants to encourage side shoots and more produce.

Finally, if your lawn is looking a little parched, don’t worry – the UK autumn will hydrate it soon enough.