Greenbelt: better connected

AT Greenbelt we work closely with the seasons so that our land management operations are perfectly attuned to work with nature and local environments.

To ensure success, however, effective communication is vital – that’s why we’ve invested in brand new ways to stay connected to our customers all across the UK.

Combining our regular site inspections by trained Regional Operations Managers, an innovative real-time contractor reporting system and dedicated in-house customer care staff means we can stay receptive to our customers’ needs and preferences.

Of course, these needs constantly change and some customers have told us they’ve had difficulty getting hold of us via the phone.

We’ve listened – and can announce today that we’ve completely overhauled our telephone operations to better serve your needs.

This new cloud-based system has been rolled out to all staff across our Leeds and Glasgow offices.

Roddy Matheson, our IT Manager, explains: “We’ve replaced our old phone system with a new one, added more lines and increased the availability of our staff to answer calls.

“With the new system, we can work to staff capacity – we’re no longer limited by the old phones’ technical constraints.

“This gives our customers faster feedback and inquiries can be dealt with quicker and more efficiently.”

We’ve also overhauled our internal customer care database: this means we can be more efficient in the way we log, review and share the information we gain every time someone contacts our customer care department.

In turn, this means we are able to respond to customer feedback faster, speeding up our ability to direct contractors and take action.

“It’s a new and extremely useful information system that allows us to better track correspondence, as well as generate helpful statistics so that we have a better understanding of the customers’ concerns,” says Chris McLellan, our Senior Customer Care Officer.

“As with any set of major IT changes there has been an adjustment period – but there’s also been plenty of training and we’re fully up to speed now.

“The new system is definitely an improvement and staff and customers are taking to it well.”

Harnessing the possibilities of effective communication consolidates Greenbelt’s links with our customers – but while the telephone system has been updated, our phone numbers have not changed.

You can still contact our customer care department during office hours on 0800 028 1749 or by e-mailing