Welcome to Kippendavie


Located at the North Eastern margins of Dunblane in Scotland, Kippendavie is beyond doubt one of Greenbelt’s most attractive developments.

Constructed by Bryant Homes and completed in 2003, it is home to no fewer than 90 households.

From the outset it has been planned to perfection, with a double-strip layout that ensures almost every resident is located adjacent to woodland or open countryside.


At Greenbelt retaining a sense of history can be just as important as creating a safe and modern living environment – and so, because the original land comprised part of the old Kippendavie Estate, it was decided by the landscape architects to retain several of the natural features that had been part of the original rural holdings.

That’s why at the very heart of the development a group of conifers stand sentinel – giant firs and redwoods that were once upon a time part of the original policy woodland plantings.

In addition to this wonderfully imposing feature, you can also find oak trees that would have been part of the agricultural holdings – astonishingly, they are estimated to be more than 200 years old!

Another outstanding feature is the four-metre high avenue hedge, which perfectly halves the development.

Such a life-enhancing green space is not only the result of Greenbelt’s careful planning, hard work and ongoing commitment: it is the product of a community that cherishes the value of its natural environment.

In fact, like many Greenbelt developments, Kippendavie enjoys a vibrant community spirit and we work closely with the Residents Association to get the very best results for every one of our customers.

Duncan Park, our Regional Operations Manager for Scotland, points out: “I’ve been working closely with the Residents Association at Kippendavie for almost a decade now, and we have built up an excellent relationship.

“If at all possible, we try to facilitate their requests and this has led to 100% payment collection on this site. This is an excellent example of our sustainable landowning business model, giving continued long-term capital growth on our homeowners’ properties and, indeed, saleability, if they choose to sell now or in the future.”

This model sees everyone contribute equally and fairly and on time, meaning there are no resources wasted: all efforts instead are focussed entirely on high-quality management of the green spaces.

It’s a model fully appreciated by all of the residents themselves. Retired homeowner Billy McNeil, a spokesperson for the Residents Association, says: “I’ve been heavily involved with the Residents Association for almost fifteen years now.

“Greenbelt have been managing and maintaining this area for all of that time – and with our regular meetings and walkarounds we’ve found them to be most effective and very professional.

“The development is looking excellent and their cost-effective Annual Management Charge is happily paid by every one of our 90 homeowners.”

Billy also points out: “In the past, before our AGM was due to take place, we would extend an invitation to the Greenbelt to fully address any concerns regarding work requests by residents.

“This really has cemented our partnership with the company, and also demonstrated to the residents that Greenbelt are fully committed in a partnership that has been going from strength to strength.

“The end result? Happy residents who enjoy a mature and well maintained estate.”