Where green spaces mean high values

Welcome to Lady Place Gardens! One of our smaller developments, this 40-household location was implemented more than a decade ago.

It is one of a handful of similar-sized and meticulously maintained sites in Livingston.


Its northern border incorporates a strip of mature woodland, retained by the developers Landscape Architects.

This provides natural shelter and screening from the adjacent development.

A perfect blend of conifers and broadleaves, the woodland is independently checked by an expert arborist twice every year to ensure not a single tree is posing any risk to people or their property.

These checks also pinpoint any silvicultural works that may be required, such as thinning and respacing.

Sadly, one issue experienced in Lady Place Gardens has been dog fouling in the main amenity area to its eastern boundary.

This has been caused by thoughtless pet owners using the adjacent council link path.

In order to help combat this, we use Ambius waste management service to clear the area prior to the amenity maintenance being undertaken.

In addition, this prevents ‘patching’ damage to the grass sward, so the development looks at its best.

We do, however, urge all residents to report instances of dog fouling or littering to the local community police. By working together we can stop this anti-social behaviour!

As a company that values its customers, Greenbelt continually monitors property values, and indeed the saleability of homes, in all of our Greenspace developments.

The great news is that Lady Place Gardens is showing excellent property value increases while its green and open spaces have been under our sustainable and efficient stewardship.

Along with our regular maintenance contractor Eskvalley Landscapes, we look forward to continuing to do our very best to safeguard your homes, your world, your future.