Hard work is blossoming in Orchid Meadow

It was only in March that Greenbelt began caring for Orchid Meadow in Formby.

At that time there was a lot of outstanding works still to be done, but through regular liaison with residents and the developer, we have already seen huge improvements.

Our appointed maintenance contractor, Peter Crosby Landscapes, has worked diligently alongside us in maintaining the green space areas to an exceptionally high standard.

By choosing a Merseyside-based contractor, we have helped ensure that employment stays local and adds to the local economy.

It’s certainly been a busy location.

Recent works include the replacement of dead or fallen trees, extensive replanting, repairs to fences and the installation of drains.

Orchid Meadow has also seen the installation of benches, repairs to lawns, regrading of banks and the removal of promotional signs from the estate entrance – which itself further illustrates the transition of the open areas from their development stage to being an established and managed landscape.

As we move into the summer months, we look forward to continuing our programme of works – and ensuring that Orchid Meadow is a place where residents can be rightly proud of their sustainable, green space environment.