Welcome To West Craigs

The summer maintenance season has begun in earnest and the entrance to one of Greenbelt’s larger developments, West Craigs in Blantyre, is more welcoming than ever.

Comprising more than 900 households, West Craigs incorporates three play areas, a centrally located MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) and both young and mature woodland structure belts.

These are designed to naturally break up and screen the various development phases.

The much talked about “Dancing Miner” sculpture shown in our photograph welcomes residents and visitors to the development.

Created by the artist David F Wilson, and standing three metres tall and cast in bronze, he was installed to celebrate Hamilton and Blantyre’s rich mining history. The ‘stripe effect’ on the amenity grass is achieved by using a smaller weighted roller mower.

The green space shown is complemented by the carefully selected and maintained mix of woody shrubs and smaller tree species.

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