The Importance of Play

Who doesn’t love making a list of favourite things?

Top ten albums, most loved books, favourite holiday destinations: list-making is a serious business. It’s also a satisfying way of sorting out priorities.

When looking for a family home, most of us start with a fairly similar checklist with regards to the area.

Being close to decent schools and transport links are always high priorities. Having a local shop is desirable and low crime rate is also important when looking for somewhere to call home.

One thing that might not be in the forefront of people’s minds is the importance of a play area. However, a safe, well-designed play park is incredibly important for children’s physical and social development.

Children learn through having fun and play helps promote learning and communication.

Around the age of three kids really begin to interact during play and become more imaginative, so having a place to do this is so important.

The presence of a play park means they have somewhere to forge friendships that could last a lifetime.

It’s not just children who benefit from communal facilities either. For parents and carers it is great to have a place to come together with neighbours in an informal way.

For full-time carers, enjoying some adult conversation during the day and getting to know your neighbours can contribute to a feeling of wellbeing. Play parks are the venue for hundreds of little interactions between neighbours that can essentially glue hold a community together.

Sadly, many play areas around the country have become no-go areas for younger kids. Anti-social behaviour such as vandalism, littering and dog fouling can rob them of enjoying these vital spaces.

At Greenbelt we understand the importance of maintaining these important facilities for our youngest residents.

We carry out regular inspections to ensure play equipment is in tip top condition.

We work to ensure that there is always a place for children to play, because for them that’s first, second and third on their list of priorities.

As the weather continues to improve, our play area refurbishments are under way.

For example, some of the play equipment in Southpark in Peebles is getting close to 20 years old. 

However, with our experience and the partners we work with, we have the capabilities to bring life back into this equipment. 

This generation of equipment will be our priority in the first tranche of works.

The before and after images below show just what can be done with imagination and an understanding of the product.

Working together we can ensure the play areas are enjoyed by youngsters for many years to come.