Woodland Wonders

Greenbelt was happy to help children from St Mary’s Primary School in Lanark reap the benefits of woodland next to their school.

An area of mature woodland has been cleared to allow a year-long programme of outdoor learning.

It’s here that teachers will run Forest School sessions with nursery and early primary aged children to help their transition to school.

Greenbelt’s Duncan Park commented: “It’s been a pleasure for Greenbelt to assist with such a fantastic project.

“The woodland provides habitats that encourage the introduction of and extension to the variety of plants, insects and animals in the area.

“The clearing strikes a balance between maintaining the absolute necessary ‘wildness’ of mature woodland, with its fallen and dead wood, with enough cleared space for local schoolchildren to learn more about the wonders of their natural environment.

“We look forward to continuing to work with local communities and spreading the word about responsible land stewardship and sustainable living.”

Click here for more information and a video about the project