achieving customer satisfaction across uk

Award-winning business development director Gareth Davies aims to make Greenbelt the preferred choice for developers and homeowners.


Gareth (40) says: "We will continue to improve our customer service so that developers will want to come back to us time after time and people will seek a home that has open space managed by Greenbelt."

Gareth led a team that won a raft of awards for customer service during six years as sales and marketing director in North Yorkshire for housebuilder George Wimpey, including:

  • five National House Building Council 'Pride in the Job' quality awards
  • best George Wimpey regional team nine years out of ten
  • joint national winner in 2003, scoring a 100% customer satisfaction rating

Gareth says: "We will work with our teams across the UK to build pride in their achievements and to continue raising customer satisfaction awareness throughout the business.

"We will seek to engage with developers early in the land buying process to share Greenbelt's skills and knowledge, for example, in planning sustainable urban drainage systems and by offering options on how to cost and transfer ownership of open space.

"And we will demonstrate to customers the value of the work we do in increasing the value of their home and improving their quality of life so that they actively seek to buy a home in a development where open space is owned and managed by Greenbelt."

Gareth says that his previous teams scored an average 95% positive response from customers asked if they would recommend George Wimpey to family and friends.

"We aim to make Greenbelt the preferred choice for both developers and homebuyers. The ambition is to grow the value of the business and raise Greenbelt's profile with all stakeholders."

Gareth will work closely with Greenbelt's six regional business development managers across the UK.