Cove In Bloom 2017

Congratulations to Cove and Altens Community Council in Aberdeen. Not content with their In Bloom Silver Medal award in 2016, they’re already hard at work helping to enhance their local green spaces for this year’s competition.

And, once again, Greenbelt is incredibly proud to support the team’s work and sponsor summer planters.

Greenbelt’s development has been a prominent feature in Cove, growing and blossoming since its residents joined our family back in 2008.

Not only does it look great but there is an incredible sense of community spirit here.

Wendy Suttar, of Cove In Bloom team, explains: “Among the many exciting projects this year, we’re developing various wild flower areas, as well as numerous stands of daffodils and crocuses, to which we add every year, with the help of children from both the primary schools in Cove – we’re seeking funding this year for additional hanging baskets and tower planters.

“All in all, we would seem to be pretty busy, but we can only manage this with the help of people like Greenbelt, who contribute the funds needed to allow us to buy the plants, compost, fertilisers, and so on that we need to do this work – we really do appreciate Greenbelt’s support!”

Cove is the perfect example of a community working together to care for and take pride in their local area.

Greenbelt are proud to be able to work with Cove residents to help them achieve this.

If you would like us to assist with your own local community project, please do get in touch.