The Benefits of Green Spaces for Mental Health

Feeling good mentally is just as important as feeling good physically.

Unfortunately, an NHS study in 2014 found 1 in 6 people in England alone had symptoms of a common mental disorder, such as anxiety and depression.

Thankfully, we can do all something about this.

The World Health Organisation recently published a paper that stated green spaces not only affect a person’s physical health but also their mental health.

Related research also shows increasing evidence of a strong link between our mental wellbeing and the environment.

One particular study in England suggests that even very low levels of nature in our neighbourhoods can provide big benefits to how we feel and think.

Another recent report in America shows lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress are a direct result of higher levels of green spaces.

Undoubtedly, this helps explain the emphasis that homeowners put on a living environment that will not compromise their health.

In fact, according to the survey of more than 3000 renters and home owners carried out by materials giant Saint-Gobain and revealed in The UK Home, Health and Wellbeing Report 2016, 90% of respondents are concerned about the impact their homes have on their wellbeing.

Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland regional CEO Mike Chaldecott commented: “Our homes have a strong impact on our daily lives. The results and conclusions (of this report) will give far greater insight into this area and identify opportunities for those with a role in developing, designing, delivering or managing housing.”

At Greenbelt we always work hard to ensure the open and green spaces we’re responsible for are maintained to the highest possible standard.

We do this because of our passion for the environment and our dedication to homeowner customers.

However knowing that mental health benefits can also come from the services we provide encourages us to work even harder.

We’re currently responsible for millions of square metres of open space and woodland, and 200 play areas, but we’re always striving to grow.

After all, making the world we live in greener means you can enjoy it for longer – and now all the evidence shows this will bring both physical and mental positives.

So please do take the opportunity to get out there and enjoy Greenbelt’s green spaces!