Life Is Better With Trees

Greenbelt is responsible for millions of square feet of open land and woodland . . . but, for us, even this isn’t enough greenery.

We plant around 500,000 trees and shrubs yearly and plan to increase this number. Why?

Well, as youngsters at school we’re taught trees produce the oxygen we need to breathe.

This is certainly the most important things trees do and why we should care for the ones we have, while planting more.

The gas trees use to create oxygen is carbon dioxide, which is one of the main culprits behind climate change. So we know when we plant, nurture and care for trees they’re not only securing our futures by helping us to breathe but also the planet’s long-term future.

But did you know trees have other major benefits too?

Forestry Commission research suggests outdoor education in woods and forests provides social, mental and physical benefits for children.

NHS studies show that having access to green spaces, including wooded areas, combats mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, while also making us feel good physically.

Wooded areas are also great places to go for family walks and fun runs, offering opportunity for exercise that can help reduce risks of certain forms of cancer, diabetes and dementia.

Of course, for some, woodland areas are simply a place to connect with nature emotionally and spiritually, with a calm atmosphere that provides daily inspiration.

None of these benefits can be enjoyed, however, if our green areas aren’t well looked after.

That’s why we take stewardship of green spaces, especially our woodlands, so seriously.

As part of our UK-wide team we harness the expertise of experienced arborists – experts with a vast knowledge of how to keep woodlands healthy.

With these environments enjoyed by visitors, it’s also important they’re kept neat and tidy.

You can help us help trees by taking home rubbish and dog waste bags for proper, eco-minded disposal rather than scattering litter on the ground.

We’ll do the rest by giving our all to make sure woodlands are looked after – and your home, your world and your future benefit from the natural wonder of trees.