Welcome New Residents!

The Greenbelt family is always growing! Since the start of 2017 more than 500 new households have joined us and we’re very pleased to show off these exciting and attractive developments across the UK.

The Park at Sutton Benger is wonderful for nature lovers as it features both young and mature woodland for residents to admire and explore.

For those who enjoy relaxing outdoors, the development also features eight park benches and an assortment of bird and bat boxes to provide wildlife in the woodland with extra shelter.

In fact, wildlife is an important consideration in many of our new developments. The beautiful Orchid Meadow in Formby features young woodland and amenity trees, as well as custom bird boxes specially fitted to house owls.

This means birdwatchers and nature fans will be able to enjoy Orchid Meadow’s lovely open spaces.

Our all-new Kings Field development in Kingskerswell, Devon, also showcases some wildlife-welcoming features, including young woodland, agricultural hedges and meadow grass, as well as six bird box locations.

This theme continues through our Parc Aberkinsey development in Rhyl, which boasts a managed footbridge and water vole habitat, in addition to our standard site features such as benches, amenity trees and play areas.

The watercourses on Parc Aberkinsey make this a perfect place for water voles to live, as they prefer wetlands and riparian plants.

In fact, our management plan for the development is specifically tailored to take into account the needs of this vulnerable species, as well as offer the educational value the water voles’ presence can bring to residents.

This year we’ve also taken on management of several all-new developments: Abbey Mews in Newport, Bourton View in Northamptonshire, Leachkin Hill in Inverness and Northwoods in Aberdeenshire.

Households have also joined us this year following the addition of new areas to several of our existing developments, such as Dallington Gateway in Northampton and Moorcroft in Durham.

To one and all we say: welcome to the family!