Customer service and the pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness has always been a driving force in our personal lives. It’s only in more recent times that businesses, and even governments, have made the happiness of employees or citizens an explicit aim.

At Greenbelt we strongly believe happiness should always be an ultimate goal – a happy workforce makes for happy customers and vice versa.

But happiness is not simply a fleeting and random emotion.

To achieve personal happiness, we work out what is important to us then set specific targets to help us achieve these things. We invest time, energy and thought into making them happen.

Similarly, in business you don’t grow a happy company and customers by accident. It has to be at the very core of your ethos and every business decision must be infused with this aim.

To make happy people you must build happy relationships.

In all good relationships communication is absolutely key.

For us, this is reflected in clear, polite communication at all times and by liaising on a regular basis. It is demonstrated by a “can do” attitude and by taking prompt action to address any issues.

It is also about flagging up great work at every opportunity.

Here in the Greenbelt family we acknowledge good practice among staff and celebrate the achievements of individual residents through our Local Hero award.

We also support events and ideas suggested by communities.

Repeated surveys have shown a strong sense of community and belonging lead to feelings of happiness. One thing all our developments have in common is a focus on positive engagement with every single member of the community.

Last but not least, happiness comes from a feeling of security.

In Spring 2016 Greenbelt agreed a new funding deal with Nat West that meant our funding requirements are now firmly in place.

This means our customers can enjoy our high quality services – and our staff and contractors can continue to be part of our success story for many, many years to come.

Knowing the future is in safe hands provides a real sense of stability . . . and from this happiness grows.

Alex Middleton, Chief Executive of Greenbelt