Gardening: Steal A March

As we near the month of March it’s time to start thinking about an action plan for the garden.

To help you get ready here’s our top five ‘to do’ list.

1. Mulch borders

A layer of organic matter, such as garden compost, helps to improve the soil in established borders. It also helps to suppress weeds and traps moisture.

2. Lift and divide

Any overgrown clumps of perennials in your garden can be lifted and divided in March.

3. Plant summer bulbs

Summer-flowering bulbs to try this year include gladiolus and dahlias. Plant about three times the depth of the bulb.

4. Pest control

With spring in the air, slugs and snails will be on the ground – and in your plants, if you’re not careful. Be sure to take some controls now.

5. Perfect prune

For more shapely bushes and climbing roses, let’s get busy pruning back. Happy gardening!