Top Tips For January Gardening

Let's Get Ready For 2017!

There’s one word that sums up gardening duties in the month of January: preparation.

Yes, this is the month to get ready for the year ahead. So, let's get going!

The best place to start is with your gardening gear. So make sure your spades, forks, hoes, shears and all manner of garden tools are clean and ready for action.

That all-important lawnmower may need cleaned and oiled. It may even be due some extra TLC with a full service.

In the garden itself, when there is still a chance of frost or even snowfall, it’s best to make sure all your plants are insulated.

A garden fleece is a great way to protect those prized plants that are more vulnerable to cold snaps.

It may be cold enough for a woolly hat and scarf (yes the ones gran knitted for your Christmas!) but the soil still has some warmth. This means you can begin planting hedges, shrubs and even trees – the warm soil leads to strong root growth.

From Camellias to Conifers and Roses to Rhododendrons, it’s time to let your garden flourish.

Remember to stake young trees to avoid calamity in winter’s high winds.

Finally, mulch those borders with a thick covering that will replace important nutrients and raise the soil temperature and protect plant roots.

Happy gardening!