Greenbelt Supports Grassroots Football

Greenbelt is very pleased to announce our new sponsorship of youth football team Hillwood Boys Club Thistle 2002 - we’ve teamed up with FAST Sports to sponsor the Glasgow-based club, which forms part of the overall Hillwood Boys Club and Soccer Academy family.

We chose to sponsor the team because of our mutual appreciation of the value of community and sustainability, as Hillwood Park serves as an important community space in addition to being a grassroots football facility.

Although Hillwood Thistle are a relatively new side, the over-arching Hillwood Boys Club was founded in 1966; Hillwood Park includes a full pitch and seven-a-side facilities in a 4G artificial surface – all of which the teams finance and maintain themselves.

“Hillwood Boys Club Thistle 2002s are delighted to have Greenbelt and FAST Sports as our sponsors,” said coach Chris Moore.

“[Hillwood Boys Club Thistle 2002] started just four years ago with just four kids from Greater Pollok who wanted to play football. Today, we have close to 70 kids in three teams, and talk of a fourth team starting after the Christmas break.

“We are looking forward to working closely with two companies who have the same goals as Hillwood Boys Club. We hope this sponsorship is just the start of a good partnership, and that it will lead to greater things and benefit all of us and our community in the long run.”

Doug Wallace of FAST Sports, who sponsor Hillwood Boys Club Thistle 2002 in partnership with Greenbelt, also strongly believes in the benefit of open spaces for exercise and recreation:

“The opportunity to be active outdoors is important as children need opportunities for physical and fine and gross motor skill development; this helps develop greater confidence both physically and socially and consequently improves life skills,” said Doug.

“Personal development is further enhanced through teamwork in terms of a sense of unity, responsibility, common cause and mutually support.”

Greenbelt wishes Hillwood Boys Club Thistle 2002 all the best in future – we’ll be looking forward to seeing our logo on the team strips when games resume after the holiday break!