Greenbelt Community Engagement

Positive engagement with community groups is an important part of Greenbelt’s ethos, so it’s great to see that our friends from Hamilton Residents Association have been working closely with our Community Liaison Officer Nick Upton to promote interest in their local open spaces!

Hamilton Residents Association covers the Hamilton area of Leicester, which includes Greenbelt’s North Hamilton development – at 1,557 households, it’s the single biggest development that we manage, so it’s no surprise that Greenbelt has a particularly involved relationship with the residents there.

“Hamilton Residents Association are great people to work with. We have a good relationship and we liaise on a regular basis,” said Nick Upton, Greenbelt’s Community Liaison Officer.

“They care about their community and are always coming up with events and ideas for the community that Greenbelt has supported, including sponsoring a page in the most recent issue of their Spotlight newsletter and providing first prize for the best front garden competition, which I helped to judge on behalf of Greenbelt.”

One of these community events saw local volunteers join Nick and members of the Hamilton Residents Association for a ‘community litter pick’, working together to keep local parks and open spaces free of litter and detritus.

Fortunately, Greenbelt’s on-site contractors perform a mandatory litter pick upon each visit, meaning that the play areas and open spaces we manage were in very good condition compared to the wider community. In fact, members of the residents association went so far as to praise Greenbelt's commitment to a consistent quality of open spaces.

“We targeted community green spaces around children’s play areas for the litter pick,” said a spokesperson for Hamilton Residents Association. “It was good to get representation from local councillors, Hope Church, the local beat police officer and their cadets as well as Hamilton Residents Association members.”

As Greenbelt’s Community Liaison Officer, Nick will continue to work closely with residents associations in Hamilton and across our UK-wide portfolio of other developments.

“I will be attending Hamilton Residents Association’s AGM in early September and look forward to working with them in the future,” said Nick. “We wish them all the best and thank them for their support of Greenbelt too.”