Welcome New Residents!

We’re always growing at Greenbelt, having recently added 1,000 new households to the ever-expanding number of great housing developments we care for UK-wide. Let’s take a look at some of the newest areas we’ve taken on this summer while we welcome new residents into the Greenbelt family once again:


310 new households joined us on our Meadow View, Herne Bay development, which features an equipped play area as well safety fencing around the village pond area, meaning that the open spaces will stay safe for all as well as attractive and engaging.

With 204 new households joining us this summer, our all-new Barton Seagrave development in Kettering stands out as one of the more interesting areas Greenbelt has taken on recently, offering residents a great mix of our signature site features and more unique items: the development features two fully-equipped play areas, wildflower and wetland meadow grasses as well as ornamental shrubs and hedgerow planting, but also a wide range of our Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) features – including swales and an attenuation basin, a floodplain and a drainage channel.

However, this site also includes an amphitheatre by the riverbank, and as part of the wider landscape it holds a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) designation
from Natural England.

“We’re honoured to be involved with this kind of site and look forward to managing it in the future,” said Greenbelt’s Greenspace Development and Contracts Manager Alex Garrett, who has been instrumental in our delivery with the developers for the site.

We have also recently taken on the management of Gringley-on-the-Hill, which boasts beautiful twin-leaf metal access gates alongside its stone wall and tree belt areas. Meanwhile, Waters Lane in Middleton Leys stays true to its name, featuring a number of fascinating components of our pioneering SUDS, including several water detention basins and underground aquacells – as well as an equipped play area and shrub planting areas for residents to enjoy.

Also recently joining us are 207 new households on our Greenfields, Billinge site, featuring a historic plaque and an on-site bat house shelter. However, Billinge isn’t the only one of our new developments where residents can observe these fascinating nocturnal creatures: budding chiropterologists would enjoy our all-new Mill Lane development in Congresbury, a highly-wooded area of orchards and mature trees featuring a charming timber footbridge as well as bat boxes and hedgehog refuges to provide valuable artificial habitats to local wildlife.

That’s not all for our developments’ creature comforts either: 14 new households recently joined us on our Millhouse Green site in Penistone, which showcases many of our signature features like meadow grass and mature woodland areas, but also includes a bat house complete with electrical heating to keep our little bat friends warm and comfortable all year round!

Finally, we also welcomed 29 new households on Dog and Gun Lane, Whetsone, as well as seeing small expansions to a number of our existing developments as new households joined us at our Marina Park, Revival, Astley Park, Devenish Manor, Salterns and Parc Aberkinsey developments. It’s great to welcome these new additions to the Greenbelt family, and we look forward to seeing even more of you soon!