Meet The Team

Today we meet Nick Upton, Greenbelt’s Customer Liaison Officer

Can you tell us a little about your role?

My job is to engage with our homeowner customers, often by visiting them in their developments or by hosting welcome meetings for residents.

The aim is to explain how the Greenbelt Service works for the benefit of everyone and listen to feedback.

The role also means working with existing Residents’ Associations and assisting with customer care.

What does the job involve on a daily basis?

I will usually be busy gathering together all of the information of for new developments before visiting in person to examine the features and the specifics of the bespoke Greenbelt Service.

If I believe a residents’ meeting is going to helpful, I’ll source a venue nearby to hold the event and make all of the necessary arrangements for every one of residents to be invited.

For existing Residents’ Associations, I’ll liaise with their representative, discuss any particular queries they may have and, of course, attend their meetings.

Why is such customer engagement so important?

Residents often feel more reassured when speaking to someone face to face. It offers not only a better understanding of the Greenbelt Service but also builds up trust, boosts better communication and ensures healthy customer relations.

Throughout Greenbelt and, in particular through my role as Customer Liaison Officer, we want to encourage and support residents, local groups and communities and help them wherever and whenever we can.

How can customers make best use of the services you provide?

One of the best ways is for homeowner customers to set up a Residents’ Association. We do try to encourage and give advice to residents on the best and easiest ways to do this.

Having an Association to speak for the community can be more representative and more effective.

It’s by working together as a community, with a close and constructive relationship with Greenbelt, that we can get the very best for everyone from our open and green spaces.