one-stop shop is win-win for developers

Greenbelt is providing developers with a one-stop shop in green space maintenance and property management.

Working with sister company Greenhome Property Management means that the Group can maintain a high level of service in managing and maintaining both land and property.

Julie Muir, Greenhome Property Management's Managing Director, says: "The partnership gives the Group a huge lead on other companies.

"Clients are reassured to leave both land and property management in the hands of one company. It is a real advantage to clients to have one point of contact and a full range of services under one roof."

Greenhome manages and factors properties ranging from 8-flat tenements to 500-apartment developments, providing a range of services including:

  • factoring
  • general maintenance and repairs
  • specialised maintenance of lifts, swimming pools and fire alarms
  • management of car parks and gymnasiums

Greenbelt and Greenhome share finance, IT and legal functions, and Greenhome can call on technical and professional advice from Greenbelt's landscape architects and land engineers.

Greenhome is affiliated to the Property Managers Association for Scotland and Julie Muir is an Associate Member of the Institute of Residential Property Management.