Home improvement ideas for 2014



We’re dismantling the Christmas Tree and packing away all of the festive decorations in our house, but I’d really like to give the place a fresh new look for 2014.

Have you any suggestions for a house “face lift”? Any home improvements would have to be made on the very tightest of budgets!


Many thanks,

Emma Matthews


With the decorations down and the house back to those bare necessities, you’re quite right, Emma: now really is the perfect time to clear away the old and herald in the new with some home improvements.

Being January, there probably is not much is left in anyone’s pockets to embark on major renovations or set about totally renewing the décor and replacing furniture.

However, there are lots you can can be do for free or on a small budget to give your house a fresh face.

Firstly, de-clutter as much as possible. With all of the new gadgets and gizmos that may have been left under the Christmas tree, you’ll probably need to clear out the corners and cupboards, shelves and attic of all those old toys, ornaments and gifts that have been languishing there – “just in case you ever needed them”.

Also pack up old magazines, clothing that hasn’t been worn since it was fashionable first time round and anything else that’s never used. Box everything up and take it to your local charity store or upcycling facility.

Now that you have rooms to breathe,there are small ways to offer them a new look.

The easiest way is to reposition furniture: chairs and sofas arranged in a different configuration instantly transforms a room and makes it feel brand new. You might even want to think feng shui here: there’s plenty of helpful websites to help you get everything in harmonious alignment.

If you’re willing to don dungarees and pick up a brush, a fresh lick of paint on the walls will give any room an instant lift – fresh, bright colours will help everyone look forward to brighter spring days ahead.

Simply changing the curtains is another great way of adding zest. Upgrade with new colours or designs – wisely purchased in the current January sales – to get a whole new outlook on life.

Finally, if the furniture sales are tempting but you’re not in a position to buy, stick with the comfy sofa you know best . . . and simply revitalise it with fresh and funky throws and warm and cosy cushions.

Finally, remember that everything you invest in your home will be an investment in its future value.

Good luck with your home’s face lift and all the best for 2014!

Monica Mills