Food for feathered friends

Enjoy your very own Autumn Watch

It’s not only human visitors we love to welcome to our homes and gardens!

All year round, our feathered friends flock to our green spaces: to lawns, hedgerows, shrubbery and trees.


As we move deeper into autumn, however, the days are becoming shorter, the nights longer and food is increasingly hard to find.

That’s why Greenbelt supports feeding birds to help them through the more difficult months.

It also gives all of us the wonderful opportunity to enjoy our very own “Autumn Watch” right in our own gardens.

Why not make use of leftover food (‘waste not, want not’ makes for a greener world!).

Old and over-ripe fruit is a special favourite with Blackbirds.

As more wintry weather closes in, homemade bird cake is also a very nutritional treat.

Simply mix together seeds, oats, nuts and fruit with melted suet or lard in recycled butter tubs and allow to set.

You can hang these from branches using garden twine.

Next month we'll be launching our annual contest for the Best Garden Visitor Photograph – so get a head start and get your garden ready.

And don’t forget that organisations such as our friends at the RSPB have great websites – – where you can find advice all year round.

Bon appetit!