Why talking helps business growth

There are those people who talk to their plants in the firm belief it helps them grow.

In fact, decades after Prince Charles first revealed he talked to flowers, the Royal Horticultural Society conducted a study into how they are affected by the human voice.

The jury is still out . . . although there has been recent research which seems to suggest plants may well use a language to ‘talk’ to one another.

Personally, I use good old-fashioned compost and bone meal to encourage my roses.

But there is a lesson to be learned about the whole idea of communication helping to drive development.

Some business leaders like to talk about their company strategy, using it as a tablet of stone and its content as rules to safeguard the current business model.

And there’s no doubt having such a determined and steadfast focus ensures the smooth running of operations.

Others see it as their long-term mission to discuss driving the company forward and build for the future.

Of course, the most successful organisations are those who synchronise both these gameplans – and this involves having the ability to adapt whenever necessary.

Here at Greenbelt our teams of experts work closely with the seasons, ensuring our land management operations are perfectly attuned to work with nature and local environments.

And so we know better than most it’s the natural order of the world to be in a constant state of change.

It is precisely the same in the world of business.

Domestic and international markets can be volatile, even within the space of 24 hours.

Customers’ needs and preferences, meanwhile, will always have the potential to change.

So how do we stay strong – and plan for the future – amid such a state of flux?

I believe that harnessing the possibilities of effective communication not only consolidates a company’s roots but helps it blossom and grow.

Quite rightly, many companies spend a lot of time promoting their core message to clients and customers via mailshots, ad campaigns and social media sharing – but they plum forget to interconnect their own employees.

At Greenbelt we strive at all times to share with customers and live up to the ethos of caring for ‘your home, your world, your future’.

But this isn’t just shiny, happy PR. It’s real.

And the notion of a coherent, customised business model for open space management across the UK is as real to our employees as it is to our homeowner customers.

Maximising our in-house use of office and mobile comms and social media, as well as innovative real time operations reporting from our frontline teams not only means we offer better services and customer experiences, it also gets our entire team talking, learning and innovating together.

Communication at every level of a company engages and empowers.

It builds a stronger team: one that can batten down the hatches to ride out a storm yet always be ready to make forays into brand new waters.

Good communication means the best of both worlds: security and progress.

Yes, talking really does stimulate growth!

Alex Middleton, Greenbelt Chief Executive