What To Do In The Garden In April

Your April Gardening Checklist

Give hardy annuals a head start by sowing them in modular trays and keeping them under cover until the soil warms up.

Divide herbaceous perennials, discarding old roots and replanting young sections with healthy roots and shoots.

Create supports for growing flowers with canes and string. These will soon be hidden beneath new foliage.

Curb forget-me-nots, digging out clumps that are invading their neighbours' territory.

Check pot-grown plants for signs of stress, moving them into larger containers or topdressing with fresh compost.

Mount defences against slugs and snails. Young hosta leaves are a favourite food.

Boost shrubs with an application of general fertiliser.

Cut down the stems of Salix and Cornus to ensure the growth of new shoots that will provide vibrant colour next winter.

Give lavender a very light trim to prevent stems from becoming woody.

Chit and plant second early potatoes, followed by maincrops at the end of the month.

Sow carrots, lettuce, peas and spinach outdoors in well-prepared soil.

Pot up tomato seedlings when the first true leaves appear.

Pot up strawberries and move under cover for an early crop.

Thin out rows of vegetable seedlings

Apply a high nitrogen spring feed to lawns.

Increase watering of houseplants and feed citrus plants.

Agnes Stevenson

Agnes Stevenson