Welcome New Residents

We’d like to extend a warm Greenbelt welcome to all of the new residents who’ve joined us so far in 2016. Following new billing in January and February this year, we’ve taken on 788 extra households across a range of exciting brand-new developments, as well as some all-new areas that we’ve added to our existing sites, so let’s take a look at some of them:

Our Becket Manor development in Deanshanger is a great example of Greenbelt’s passion for trees: while the existing woodland areas and rows of mature trees are just great, it’s the new planting of young woodland on the development that really sets it apart as one of our sites to spotlight.

Watercourses are also the name of the game this year – regular readers will know that Greenbelt pride ourselves on the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) that we manage on over 100 developments, and their benefits – reducing the incidence of urban flooding without compromising on the aesthetic beauty of the open spaces – will now be available to more homeowners than ever before.

Becket Manor contains swales to intercept excess water and runoff from nearby roads, while many of our new sites feature SUDS ponds, including Ways Green, Fenny Copse and our recently expanded Bellsdyke and Burton Latimer developments.

In fact, the new residents that have joined our Bellsdyke site in the past few months bring the total number of households on the development that we care for to over 1,000 – which makes Bellsdyke one of our largest sites.

The theme of watercourses continues on our all-new Brewery Lane site, where we recently took on 110 new households – among the many great site features residents will be able to enjoy is a nearby canal, complete with an adjacent path, new planting along the waterfront and three viewing platforms overlooking the watercourse itself.

Another brand-new site, our Towles Pasture development in Castle Donington may be a stone’s throw from Donington Park (home of both a Grand Prix circuit and several large rock music festivals), but you’d never know it to walk around the pleasant, peaceful site and its open space designated for play.

The last of the all-new sites we’ve taken on so far this year are Arundel Park, featuring beautiful meadow grass and wildflower pockets, and Waterloo Works, which boasts fully sustainable solar lighting columns and bollards.

New households added to our existing sites Church Fields, Balgarvie Farm and The Limes make up the remainder of our new residents for the year so far; you’ll be able to enjoy many different site features including The Limes’ stone works of art in the development’s open spaces.

These sites – large and small, totally new or just newly expanded – represent just a fraction of the hundreds of the varied and exciting developments that we care for, and we look forward to sharing our expertise in open space management with even more households across the UK as the year continues.