Welcome New Residents

We’re once again delighted to welcome all of our new residents into the Greenbelt family! Following new billing for October, Greenbelt now cares for an additional 389 households across several exciting new developments from all over the UK.



Cavanna Homes’ modern development, Horizon, is an arrangement of 48 households on a uniquely-featured site that Greenbelt cares for, situated on the northern edge of Budleigh Salterton, in Devon.

The site contains a Devon bank hedge - an earth bank faced with turf or seeded and topped with bushy, leafy shrubs, and a historic trademark of the county. These distinctive features mean that they are more solid than traditional hedges, offering superior privacy in their visual and aural screening, while simultaneously providing an attractive habitat for wildlife.{gallery}Horizon{/gallery}Devon County Council estimates that 1 in 5 species-rich hedges in the UK is located in Devon, while 1 in 4 of the hedges there are at least 800 years old; that these ancient hedges are still standing and well-kept to this day is testament to the importance of horticulture to Devon’s cultural history – something that we will see preserved through our quality sustainable land management expertise.

While Horizon is prized for its sleek modernity and unique horticultural features, however, it is the aptly-named development’s horizon itself that proves the jewel in its crown: the site offers spectacular views of the rolling Devon countryside, and offers access to the charming pebblestone beach nearby.

Residents looking for beauty needn’t look quite so far from home though: in addition to the Devon bank hedges on the development, the development boasts a central green area and attractive standard trees species.

Did you know?

Greenbelt works closely with Horizon’s developers, the award-winning Cavanna Homes.

Cavanna Homes were recently awarded a maximum 5-star rating by the House Builders Federation for a third consecutive year, and their new 220-home development Fusion was named Southern Development of the Year at the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) awards the Bricks last month, beating out 50
other contenders in the category.

The partnership between Greenbelt and Cavanna Homes will grow from strength to strength as Greenbelt will take over the management of the award-winning Fusion development at a later date - fittingly fusing Cavanna’s building expertise with our own excellence in open space management.

Cavanna Homes has picked up awards at the LABC awards before, receiving the Best Large and Best Small Housing Development in the South West accolades in 2009 and 2012 respectively.


Located in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, Antrim Construction’s Holstein development is currently an autumnal delight.

Featuring arrays of standard trees and shrubs, Holstein is certainly beautiful all year round, but especially shines in the autumn: trees explode into vibrant oranges and earthy browns like leafy fireworks, while late-flowering shrubs erupt with autumnal glory and showers of rosy red berries.{gallery}Holstein{/gallery}As well as these beautiful open spaces - like many of our other developments - Holstein is a haven for wildlife: while Greenbelt cares for the open areas for 88 households across the first two phases of the development, there are some very special other residents here – a badger sett is located in a fenced-off area of self-sett trees and long grass, providing an exciting new dimension to Holstein’s already bustling natural life.

Did you know?

The badger is the UK’s largest land predator.

Their diet is very varied, including insects, fruits, eggs, berries, nuts, vegetables and small animals like mice, fish, ground-nesting birds and young rabbits – though their preferred food is worms.

They are a protected species in the UK, and it is illegal to harm them or damage their burrows.


Bellway Homes’ Litherlands site, Churchfields is situated just north of Liverpool,
and is also comprised of 88 households situated within the open spaces that Greenbelt now care for.

Featuring sweeping paths with standard trees and open amenity grass areas for community use, Churchfields is a gem of homely hospitality nestled between the nearby parks and docks.{gallery}Churchfields::::0{/gallery}The open grass areas are flanked with well-stocked planted areas of evergreen trees and flowering shrubs, ensuring that the development’s open spaces will remain colourful and appealing for residents into autumn and beyond.

Churchfields is Greenbelt's - and Bellway Homes' - first development in the region, although more will follow.