weather woes

The wettest April & June since records began
It may be summer, but it's been the wettest April and June on record according to the BBC. There has not been a single dry day in Northern Ireland since 28 May. And July does not appear to be any drier.

So please spare a thought for our grounds maintenance contractors who are manfully trying to keep up with our full maintenance programme. In many places, ground is now saturated and grass so wet that grass-cutting machines are clogging up or chewing the grass up. Where tractors or operator driven machines are used, they are sinking into the ground causing ruts, or they are even becoming stuck!

We are doing our best and trying to keep to our schedules, but the work we do has always been weather dependent. Unfortunately, we are enduring a prolonged poor spell of wet weather, and -

  • Cutting grass when it is so wet does not leave a particularly good finish, but leaving it too long means ordinary machines might not be able to tackle it
  • Safety of the operatives - working in slippery conditions with heavy equipment is not ideal
  • Developments are visited regardless of the weather, and whether they can cut the grass or not. This is because activities such as weeding, litter picking, looking after play areas (if there is one), clearing SUDS (if there is one), and keeping the development tidy, etc. still have to be done
  • Even if there is a dry day, a contractor may not be able to visit right away as they have many sites to maintain and work to set routes

Please help us by keeping the weather conditions in mind before you contact us, but for enquiries our free phone line is 0800 028 1749 or email to

Thank you for your patience, and let's hope we do get some sun this summer!