Victory For Our Customers

A Personal Message from Greenbelt’s Chief Executive

The land owning greenspace model used by Greenbelt for the benefit of all our customer residents in Scotland was recently challenged in the Lands Tribunal for Scotland by a home owner on one of our developments at Menstrie, near Alloa.

I’m pleased to confirm the decision has recently been delivered and, as the Lands Tribunal itself states: “As an attack on the land-owning model per se it has failed."

Not only is the Lands Tribunal decision a validation of our greenspace model, it is the right result for you: all of our home owner residents who opt to benefit from our services by choosing to buy a house on a Greenbelt-managed development.

The decision also states: “The applicants fought this case on a very wide front but have only been successful on a relatively narrow and technical issue, related to the title of their own property.

“The applicants have succeeded not because of any structural flaw in the model but because the benefited land property was not adequately identified in the constitutive deed.”

No other Greenbelt sites in the UK are affected by this decision.

On all other points challenged by the applicant, on our greenspace model, including erroneous claims of monopoly, unfair restraint of trade and being anti-competitive, the challenge has entirely failed.

Greenbelt has argued these points on your behalf consistently over a number of years, within political, government, legal, media, and local forums – the decision on these aspects is, therefore, testament to the determination and tireless work of this company, our staff and our contractors.

Forced to deal with misinformation, even defamatory attacks, as well as persistent non-payment from a very small minority, nevertheless we have worked to safeguard your services at all times with honesty and integrity.

The Lands Tribunal decision goes on to say: “The model has corresponding advantages in the way of relieving the house owners of all the inconvenience of looking after the open ground themselves, including the holding of meetings, the appointment of factors or landscaping contractors, the monitoring of their performance and so on, with the risk of potentially damaging divisions among themselves to which these matters can give rise.”

Such a decision means the Greenbelt ethos and working practices are now stronger than ever.

We will continue to manage our sites under our greenspace model, offering the sustainable, value-for-money, high quality service that the overwhelming majority of Greenbelt customer residents tell us you are happy with.

We can assure all our loyal customers who have expressed their disappointment with those home owners, who have failed to date to contribute their share of the upkeep, that Greenbelt will be taking firm action against those who have benefitted unfairly – thus ensuring everyone benefits equally in future.

This is clearly a case of the steadfastness of Greenbelt, married to the loyalty of residents, winning the day.

So I would like to say a big thank you to all of our loyal customers!

Moving forward, Greenbelt will continue to ensure your voice is heard and your local environments and future property values are protected.

Greenbelt Chief Executive, Alex Middleton