scottish government ministerial visits to greenbelt developments

On 21 and 25 June, Greenbelt developments at Kippendavie (Dunblane) and Milton of Leys (Inverness), were the subject of visits by The Scottish Government Minister of Community Safety, Fergus Ewing MSP.

The Minister took up our invitation to meet with us on site; hear a little of the history of each development; be given an explanation of what type of services we provide; go for walkabouts; and, importantly, to meet representatives of the respective Residents Associations.

The guided tours were an ideal opportunity to show the Minister different maintenance regimes ranging from the fortnightly amenity grass cuts to annual meadowland cuts; young woodland to caring for matures trees; and from shrubs to SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems). Our contractor was also on hand to answer questions about maintenance and listen to the various

At Kippendavie, Fergus Ewing met Neil Aitken (Chairman), Helen Gourlay (Secretary), and Billy McNeill (Greenbelt liaison) from the Residents Association. There was ample time for the Minister to quiz both us and the three RA representatives, and he spent much longer than his scheduled time with us.

On Milton of Leys - his home constituency - the Minister met Gavin Norton (Chairman) and Bob Roberts (Secretary) of the Milton of Leys Residents Association, and again had the opportunity to discuss several issues. The development is so complex that even with an hour and a half, not all locations were visited. However, many aspects of this unique development - not far from the historic Culloden battlefield - were explained, including the constraints put in place by the planning authority.

Luckily both days enjoyed fine weather, so both walkabouts were made in glorious sunshine and the developments seen to advantage.

"We hope the Minister found the experiences enjoyable and educational", said John Beveridge, Head of Customer Services. "We look forward to continue with our liaison and working with The Scottish Government in the future"