play time!

But only after Greenbelt staff pass exams...

Ever wondered how your play areas are so well managed? Why so few things go wrong?

Well, it's down to expert training, enthusiasm, and experience. 28 members of Greenbelt's site inspector staff and its contractors recently received first hand training from a leading play area specialist, Active Risk Management Ltd.

Training involved a series of classroom-style presentations and an on-site practical demonstration. From spotting damaged surfaces, to bent bolts, loose links, and worn bushes (of the mechanical type), our inspectors were put through their paces.

Play equipment comes in many different types. Some of these are -

  • Infant swings
  • Children's swings
  • Slides
  • Roundabouts
  • Multiplay combinations of climbing frames, poles, and slides.

The latest ideas are for adventure style play areas aimed at providing items to help agility such as balancing beams, nets, etc. Inspectors need to know about them all. They need to be able to spot hazards - through wear and tear, or from vandalism.

A written exam followed. Two sessions were provided, one at our Head Office in Glasgow for everyone in Scotland, and the other in East Midlands for our English staff and contractors. All but two passed - a great result - and each now has a certificate to prove it.

You can be confident that your children will be safe on swings, secure on slides, and are being protected in play areas. As long as they use the equipment properly!