perfect play park? bin it to win it!

Greenbelt remains committed to tackling litter

As a responsible land management company, Greenbelt is committed to promoting high-quality, sustainable living by providing open spaces that are that not only green but clean and safe for everyone to use.

In the past, Greenbelt has enjoyed meeting with local residents and has listened closely to their wishes for the shaping of such landscapes. Most recently, this led to the company facilitating a new play area in Sandy Park in Broughty Ferry, which we're glad to say has proved very popular and has been well reported upon.

Although the residents do not contribute an annual fee to support the ongoing management and maintenance of the site, including the play facilities, Greenbelt strives to ensure it is kept in good order for their continued enjoyment.

Recently, however, Greenbelt was made aware of a new problem: namely that litter and debris are now being dumped in Sandy Park. In response, Greenbelt immediately sought confirmation from the local contractors that all debris would be removed at once – and this action was carried out fully as a matter of urgency.

The contractors' routine maintenance schedule, which includes litter collection, already sees the contractors on site approximately every three weeks – with eight visits during the summer season. Greenbelt Works also inspect the play area every two months during the winter months, and during these inspections any litter is also collected.

Moving forward, it is Greenbelt's desire that the local council representative might intervene and try to use all local authority initiatives at their disposal to help reduce the problem of such anti-social littering.

As always, Greenbelt would be very happy to assist in any way it can in this campaign to help divert litter into the bins provided rather than across the park. It would urge all residents to join in the battle to combat a pattern of irresponsible behavior that affects everyone's enjoyment of green, open spaces and to ensure all of our children have a safe and clean environment to enjoy for many years to come.