Join the Greenbelt revolution online

Understanding Greenbelt through social media 
Social media is everywhere. 
It's in our homes, our pockets and, for a lot of the time, in our thoughts.
It has revolutionised the way we communicate with one another and how we share and generate exciting and new ideas. 
It shortens the distance between sender and recipient, and makes contact more accessible than ever. Here at Greenbelt, we too are dedicated to shortening the distance between us and our customers . . . and by communicating online we can ensure our door is always open. 
Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn mean we can connect with our customers and partners in a way we never could before, giving real time updates of our daily work, entirely catered to the needs of the individual.
That's why social media is such a big part of Greenbelt's ongoing commitment to engaging with our customers.
Social media is more interactive than ever, and we want to utilise it to the max to help you understand our services in a way that both informs and engages.
In fact, harnessing all of the online technology available to us makes life easier for everyone.
Take our paperless billing, for example.
We have an industry-leading online service, which saves money for customers and makes a real difference to the planet. 
Over the next few months we will be posting a series of features with details of how you can become more closely involved with Greenbelt via our social media sites.
Meanwhile, please do get in touch with your own suggestions – by working together we can help build a vibrant forum of ideas to help improve your home, your world, your future.