johann lamont msp meets greenbelt to tackle asb issue

Johann Lamont MSP, is the local member for one of Greenbelt's sites in Greater Pollok, Glasgow, and also the Deputy Party Leader for Labour at Holyrood. When she recently asked for our help in trying to tackle an anti social behaviour (ASB) problem concerning groups of young teenagers on the site, we were happy to oblige.

The unruly teenagers gather in groups to play football and loiter close to houses. They cause disturbance to residents with the noise they make, do damage by balls being kicked into residents' gardens, trample shrubs, and kill areas of grass leaving just the bare earth showing.

We met Ms Lamont on site at the end of August to assess the ASB problems and seek solutions. This initiative also involves Glasgow City Council Community Safety Patrol Officers and the Community Police as a partnership approach will work best.

Among the actions agreed was a review of the landscaped areas (to include density of planting, and the type of species used) and possible erection of fences, etc. Greenbelt and the council's Community Safety Patrol Officers increased the monitoring and reporting of incidents. Their findings are to be used to consider the range of measures to be discussed.

A further meeting of all parties is now planned at which all the various options are to be considered (October).