grow your own

Greenbelt Sit On Government Working Group

The Scottish Government established a Grow Your Own Working Group in late 2009 to take forward their Food and Drink Policy, to ensure two key objectives could be strategically supported:

* Developing the opportunities for allotments, and "Grow Your Own" projects;

* Making practical advice and best practice available to everyone.

Greenbelt were asked to join 18 other organisations taking part, and a series of meetings took place in 2010, including a Ministerial summit. The final report was published in February 2011.

The report contains almost 30 recommendations which the Scottish Government is considering. Included in these were how to meet the increased demand for allotments, recognising the need for a skills base and training facility, and developing new methods to meet demand (such as polytunnels).

A major recommendation was to establish a landbank facility for "Grow Your Own" initiatives. Yet another, was to produce guidance on basic allotment gardening and allotment law.

The full report can be downloaded at -