greenbelt's new 'customer face'

Greenbelt's recently appointed community manager, Fergus Cumming, is the group's new 'customer face'.

Fergus, a professionally qualified surveyor and horticulturalist, is now meeting residents, local interest groups, developers and politicians across Scotland.

"My role is all about engaging with local communities, meeting people face to face, communicating with customers, and going that extra mile to address their concerns.

"Meeting homeowners this way will allow me to explain about our services and how we deliver. It will help develop our relationships with residents' associations and local politicians, building a better awareness and understanding of the benefits that Greenbelt has to offer."

Fergus is president of his local Busby & Clarkston Horticultural Society, in Glasgow and a past vice president of the Scottish Gardeners' Forum. He appreciates residents' interest and concern about the green space surrounding their homes.

He aims to host public meetings across Scotland during 2008. "I hope to meet as many of our customers and stakeholders as possible."

Fergus chaired the first in a series of meetings with residents in Kirkcaldy, Fife and Macmerry, East Lothian in December.

"It was good to meet so many people from the local communities. We were able to explain who we are and what we do, and we listened to what local people had to say. The feedback was good and we will continue building on it during 2008."

Contact Fergus on 08450 940 940 or email